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Valley State Prison staff responded generously when a mobile blood bank came calling.

Last month, 51 Valley State Prison (VSP)  staff members donated 47 units of blood in coordination with the Central California Blood Center (CCBC).

CCBC is committed to saving lives and improving patient care by providing a safe and abundant blood supply for the patients and families in the communities of California’s Central Valley.

CCBC President and CEO Dean Eller’s message on the CCBC website stated: “The need for blood is never ending and even on days when the blood supply is fairly strong, one auto accident or surgical complication can rapidly lower inventories to critical levels.”

VSP staff answered the call to donate blood in honor of Ana Rieping, wife of VSP Registered Nurse Bernard Rieping.

Nurse Rieping is battling cancer and has required three blood transfusions.

Donors were treated to pizza and Cinnabons, compliments of the VSP Employee Association and the Pilot Travel Center of Madera.

This year VSP has hosted two blood drives, during which employees donated a total of 94 units to the local blood supply.