The CGA group on Facility D, from left, are inmates Arthur, James, Domenic and Angel.

The CGA group on Facility D, from left, are inmates Arthur, James, Domenic and Angel.

By Lt. Joshua Tyree, AA/Public Information Officer
California Correctional Institution

The Criminal and Gangs Anonymous (CGA) group on Facility D at the California Correctional Institution (CCI) recently donated over $1,129 to Get On the Bus organization based out of North Hollywood.

Leslie Brisbois and Juli-Ann Tweedy sponsor the Criminal Gangs Anonymous (CGA), an Inmate Leisure Time Activity Group (ILTAG). The focus of CGA is on rehabilitation and fund raising for non-profit organizations. The duo are also employees at CCI.

Brisbois is currently assigned as the Investigative Services Unit secretary and Tweedy is assigned as the Associate Warden’s secretary.

“Our group meetings are held every Thursday night and we have approximately 60 participants,” said Arthur.

“Last year Get On the Bus brought people to visit who shared their powerful message of what a victim of crime felt and how many victims are created through one crime. It was very powerful and moving,” said James, explaining why they chose the organization as the donation beneficiary.

“Victim awareness and concerns for others is what we want to promote,” said Angel.

CGA is a non-denominational program that follows a practical 12-Step program of reviewing their past, admitting a lack of strength and control over addictions to all forms of illegal activity; and the lifestyle that was neither decent nor manageable. They become willing to believe change is possible by learning a different way of living through suggestion of those who have trudged the path of recovery. Through the program, they become responsible to be accountable for their own thinking and behavior, according to organizers. In order to accomplish such, CGA has specific recovery workshops to discuss specific topics (including some role-play scenarios on how to better handle encounters). Each workshop lasts approximately 60 to 90 days.

Some of the workshops include:

  • The Power of Choices and Decisions: A Matter of Success of Failure
  • Through the Sins of Our Fathers…Warped Beliefs Causing Our Destructive Behavior
  • Parole Home….Then Stay Home to Enjoy Your Life
  • Gang members: We Can Change Our Lifestyles
  • Family- It Does Matter
  • Learning to Be a Parent…To Be Respected and Appreciated
  • Relapse…The Warning Signs…for Criminals, Gang members or Substance Abusers