By Jamie Swain, Operations Manager
California Crime Victims Coalition

Santa and his team of elves were recently spotted throughout the state visiting California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation adult institutions.

They were busy delivering cookies as part of the fourth annual California Crime Victims Coalition Christmas Cookie Drive.

Founded in 2002, the California Crime Victims Coalition is a non-profit organization with a mission to assist law enforcement personnel, support staff and their families in times of crisis as a result of tragedy or victimization. The coalition will also support events and functions that promote support for law enforcement.

“We enlisted the help of Santa and his elves to spread Christmas joy during this holiday season and show staff how much they are appreciate for all of their hard work throughout the year,” according to a cookie drive organizer.

All the deliveries were completed by Dec. 10.

“Santa, his elves, and the team of coalition volunteers would like to give a warm thanks to all CDCR staff. If you missed Santa this year there is no need to worry, he has assured us that he will be back next year with more cookies. If you would like to catch a glimpse before then check out the California Crime Victims Coalition Facebook page for pictures of this years deliveries,” the organizer said.