From left are CRC Community Resource Manager Delinia Lewis and Volunteer Audrey Fay.

From left are CRC Community Resource Manager Delinia Lewis and Volunteer Audrey Fay.

Kicking off a recent volunteer training class, the California Rehabilitation Center recognized the efforts of a dedicated volunteer, one of the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time to the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC), the California Institution for Men (CIM) and the California Institution for Women (CIW).

In November, Community Resource Manager Delinia Lewis conducted a Volunteer Training class at Victory Outreach in Chino. The session was attended by over 600 volunteers. Before the training, Lewis acknowledged the diligence and hard work of all the volunteers. She also spoke of the efforts of one volunteer in particular.

Audrey Fay has been a dedicated prison volunteer for over 10 years. She spends four days a week at CRC facilitating classes such as The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) theology classes and pre-release self-help classes. In addition, she and her husband often preach to the inmate population on Sunday mornings. Her tireless efforts and willingness to support in any way possible made her the perfect candidate for CRC’s first Volunteer of the Year.

In the summer of 1995, Don Davis and his family moved from the University of Iowa along with Rev. Terry Cornett and his family from Los Angeles to Wichita, Kan., to launch TUMI. They officially opened classes in Spring 1996. Since that first semester, they have held classes, colloquiums, training events, and conferences for laypersons and pastors who minister in the city.

TUMI’s mission is to equip leadership for the urban church, especially among the poor. They provide biblical and theological training to the inmate population and the underprivileged in the city.

Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins often acknowledges the efforts of custody and non-custody staff; however, this is the first recognition of its kind for those who dedicate themselves to the rehabilitation process and the reduction of recidivism at no cost to the State through volunteerism.

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to support Warden Tampkins and the inmate population at CRC,” said Fay.