By Charleen James-Mejia, Parole Agent III
Division of Adult Parole Operations, Southern Region

On Feb. 1, Southern Region’s Division of Adult Parole Operations received much-needed relief in the form of 23 new parole agents following the first non-reinstatement academy in over five years.  The new agents consist of transfers from Northern Region and lateral transfers from various institutions throughout the state.

Southern Region’s Training and Employment Wellness Unit welcomed the new agents with a two-day Parole Agent Orientation held Feb. 1-2.

Agents were greeted by executive staff which included Regional Administrator Dr. Guillermo Viera Rosa, Chief Deputy Regional Administrator Brenda Crowding, Chief Deputy Regional Administrator Karen Thacker and Assistant Regional Administrator Diana Ronquillo.

Union President John Bostick and Vice President Delia Reese were also on hand to welcome the new agents.

Along with receiving state-issued vehicles and equipment, agents were briefed on a wide variety of topics to familiarize them with the Southern Region, assist them with their new responsibilities, and to offer words of encouragement. Topics covered in the orientation included parolee programs, report writing, local county court systems, addressing the mental health population, parolee appeals, subpoenas, mandatory training requirements and apprenticeship responsibilities.

Business services and personnel staff were also on hand to assist the new agents with personal paperwork.

Several new agents noted that the highlight of the orientation was an active shooter drill and first-aid training put on by Southern Region California Parole Apprehensive Team (CPAT).

The Southern Region extends a warm welcome to our newest parole agents.