In a letter to CDCR dated March 9, Receiver J. Clark Kelso returned control of medical services to CDCR at the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) at Soledad.

This marks the second institution to have its medical services returned to CDCR. Folsom State Prison was returned July 13, 2015.

“In making this determination, I have considered the June 2015 report of the Office of the Inspector General, regarding the results of its Cycle 4 medical inspection of CTF, as well as data from the Healthcare Services Dashboard and other internal monitoring tools,” the Receiver wrote. “I hereby issue this revocable delegation of authority to you, to take over management of the medical care program at CTF.”

The change is effective immediately, according to the letter.

“The delegation of the control of health care at Correctional Training Facility is the result of the significant work we are accomplishing with the Receiver and the plaintiffs’ counsel to enhance medical care in our prisons,” said CDCR Secretary Scott Kernan. “I look forward to more delegations of health care control in the near future.”