The San Diego Union-Tribune recently profiled the art program at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility and the person who brought art into the prison.

“The class was started by Laura Pecenco, a sociology professor at Miramar College whose doctorate thesis at UC San Diego was on the performance of masculine in arts creation in prison,” the newspaper reported.

“‘When you think about prison, you think of these tough, masculine images,’ she said, explaining how her study looked at how incarcerated men behaved differently with one another while creating art.”

“Robert Brown, community resources manager at the correctional facility, said the state prison system welcomes programs such as ProjectPAINT because of its effect on inmates,” the paper wrote.

“‘We look for programs that provide incentives for someone to do well,’ he said. ‘I’ve been really pushing programs that give back to the local community and help inmates.'”

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