By Lt. Mike Tuntakit, AA/Public Information Officer
Avenal State Prison

A recent article in a national publication featured a vendor who supplies goods for Avenal State Prison (ASP).

The piece, penned by Jesse Carleton, appeared in the March 2016 issue of Hardware Retailing Magazine, published by the North American Hardware Retail Association.

The magazine’s cover photo features Avenal Lumber & Hardware owner Ron Moran standing in front of the ASP entrance.

ASP Warden (A) Rosemary Ndoh is committed to doing business right.

The article was put together by the NRHA Market Research Department in conjunction with ASP and Avenal Lumber.

“This article shows ASP leading the way to work with local small businesses to help ensure the survivability of its community,” said Warden Ndoh. “Avenal Lumber has been doing business with ASP during its construction back in 1986 and continues to be a valuable resource for ASP moving forward.”

According to the magazine, when the state was looking to construct a prison in the 1980s, the city of Avenal requested it be built nearby.

“Today, 28 years later, Avenal has the distinction of being the first town to ask its state for a prison, and now, Moran goes to the prison nearly every day with a delivery,” the magazine reported.

The article focuses on how small business owners can acquire government agencies as customers.

According to the magazine, Moran also does business with the nearby Air Force base and local schools.

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