hmong tv CDCR hiring

By Lt. Erick Smith, PIO/AA
California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran

Correctional Lt. Kip Curtiss and Correctional Sgt. Choua Yang from the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility State Prison (CSATF/SP) at Corcoran, recently discussed CDCR career opportunities on a Hmong TV show.

Lt. Curtiss and Sgt. Yang appeared on HmongUSA TV along with Merced County Deputy Phia Xiong.

HmongUSA TV is a Hmong-Language television network that features a variety of children’s and family programming, talk-shows, cultural arts, dramas, and news that can be found on local channel 31.9 in the California Central Valley.

The network is located in Fresno and is broadcast throughout the United States.

Lieutenant Curtiss, a recruiter for CSATF/SP, spoke about the numerous Correctional Peace Officer positions. He also explained the minimum qualifications, hiring process, salary and benefits, and promotional opportunity within the CDCR.

Sgt. Yang assisted in the translation and strongly encouraged the Hmong community to take advantage of this opportunity.

This is the first time CDCR representatives have appeared on a Hmong TV station to talk about the recruitment for Correctional Peace Officers.

Learn more about how to apply,

Watch the televised session (editor’s note: Some websites, such as YouTube, are not accessible from a CDCR computer):