By Tariq Aquil, Muslim Chaplain
Correctional Training Facility

Maryum Ali, the eldest daughter of boxing great Muhammad Ali, recently gave an inspiring talk to about 240 inmates and 30 staff members at the Correctional Training Facility (CTF).

Maryum Ali

Maryum Ali

Ms. Ali, who is also affectionately known as May May, opened her presentation by telling about her early life growing up a daughter of one of America’s iconic figures.

She spoke of the values her father instilled in her as a child. In addition, she told about her work of the past 15 years with At-Risk Youth in Delinquency Prevention and Youth Development programs in South Los Angeles.

(In 2003, she also wrote a children’s book about her father called. “I Shook Up the World: The Incredible Life of Muhammad Ali.”)

Ms. Ali said during a conversation with the program’s host, Chaplain Aquil, she learned that CTF provided extensive academic and vocational training and numerous self-improvement self-help programs.

Ms. Ali said she was moved to come and encourage those in attendance to enlist in all the vocational and academic programs available so upon their return to society they would be able to enjoy the a truly American concept dear to her heart – equality of all people regardless to how they look, what language they may speak, what their heritage may be or where they have been as their life has evolved over the years.

The program billed as “A Moment with May May” truly lived up to its billing with the addition of one word: A Memorable Moment with May May.



Maryum Ali at CTF

Maryum Ali, Muhammad Ali’s eldest daughter, talks to inmates at staff at CTF.