By Division of Adult Parole Operations

CDCR’s Crisis Response Team (CRT) and the California Parole Apprehension Team (CPAT) recently held a joint training exercise at Metro State Hospital in Norwalk.

The training began with entry and tactical movement drills used to reinforce the foundation of the team’s operations. The training then moved to real world scenarios involving force-on-force engagements, structure-clearing operations and tactical first-aid applications.

The teams trained together in preparation for the eventuality of a mutual aid operation.

The exercises were made all the more real through the use of simulated training ammunition and role-playing. This level of realism provides the staff with the training and experience needed to confidently address actual encounters with armed and violent subjects, according to organizers. The training concluded with a mock operation of an officer-involved shooting, and the steps necessary to secure the scene, provide lifesaving measures and gather evidence.

The facilities at Metro State Hospital provided the opportunity for varied training situations including the use of cover, dealing with opposing doorways and clearing multi-level structures.

The Metro Hospital staff was professional, friendly and graciously provided assistance throughout the training, according to organizers.

At the end of the day, they treated CDCR staff to a barbecue lunch.