By Lt. Moises Soria, AA/Public Information Officer
Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

Prison Fellowship, in conjunction with The Training Center of Spring Valley, recently held the faith-based X-Fest at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison.

Held on April 30 and May 1, X-Fest was emceed by 1977 Skateboarding World Champion Dennis Martinez. The event showcased skaters, motorcyclist riders, professional arm wrestlers, rappers, Mothers with a Message, deejays and preachers.

The event was held on all facilities at CVSP. On Saturday, April 30, the event was held on facilities A, B and M. On Sunday, May 1, the event was held on facilities C and D.

Martinez, founder of The Training Center, told the inmates God gives them value. He also explained skating history and his personal history with drug addiction.

Christian rapper Donte McFarland spoke to the inmates about making the right decisions in life and getting a second chance when released from prison.

Inmates were allowed to participate in rapping, as long as their lyrics contained no profanity, no gang affiliation and no violence against women.

Professional arm wrestlers Allan and Carolyn Fisher explained the techniques of arm wrestling, and gave an account of when they both became world champion arm wrestlers.

Mothers with a Message is about mothers who lost children to violence. They told the inmates they have a chance to do the right thing when they parole from prison.

Ministers and ministry groups were available for the inmates.

The motorcycles were for display only and the motorcyclists were pastors.

“Our theme was to remember those in prison. We want to show the inmates there is hope and that they have value,” said Lloyd Lessard, Field Director of the Prison Fellowship. “This was an event that had no boundaries between inmates and volunteers as they shared the word.  Inmates have value.  God gives them value.  The institution allowed Prison Fellowship and the Training Center to participate all together, as one group.”

The event was attended by the warden, chief deputy warden and the entire CVSP management team.