The CVSP Honor Guard

The CVSP Honor Guard.

By Lt. Moises M. Soria, AA/Public Information Officer
Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison’s Victim Services Committee in conjunction with Ironwood State Prison recently held a combined ceremony in honor of Victims’ Rights Week.

Mika Moulton discusses her child's murder and the impact it had on her family.

Mika Moulton discusses her child’s murder and the impact it had on her family.

The ceremony was held on the CVSP Warden’s Lawn, with a host of visitors from both institutions, as well as from the community of Blythe. Among those in attendance included Blythe Mayor Joseph DeConinck, Ellen Rutledge (retired CVSP employee), and Mika Moulton, the founding director of Christopher’s Clubhouse.

Rutledge and Moulton were guest speakers, as they were victims who both had lost children. Rutledge is the retired Executive Assistant to the Warden. Moulton founded Christopher’s Clubhouse, named after her son Christopher who was abducted from his neighborhood and murdered.

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The CVSP Honor Guard presented the colors. Chaplain Bill Carter was also present as he led the ceremony in prayer. Every year, ISP and CVSP combine ceremonies with each institution alternating host duties.

Victims are honored.

Victims are honored.