By Lt. Everardo Silva, AA/Public Information Officer
Calipatria State Prison

While on his way to work on July 22, a CDCR correctional sergeant helped save the life of a 4-month-old baby.

As he was making his way to work at Calipatria State Prison (CAL), Sgt. Mark Barra spotted a vehicle parked on the side of Highway 111.

Correctional Sgt. Mark Barra.

Correctional Sgt. Mark Barra.

While a woman was talking frantically on a phone, a man holding a baby shouted at Sgt. Barra that his child had stopped breathing. Without hesitation, the sergeant rushed to his aid.

Sgt. Barra, being a CAL Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Instructor, quickly used his training to aid the frantic parents.

The father gave the baby to Sgt. Barra, who began to assess the child. The baby was choking and could not breathe. In a kneeling position, he cradled the baby in his arms and began to lightly tap the baby’s back, clearing her airway.

He continued to aid the baby by calming her and speaking gently to her. The baby, little by little, started crying and she regained her normal skin color.

Sgt. Barra continued holding the baby and sat down in the passenger seat until medical help arrived to take the infant to the hospital.

The baby’s mother said they were grateful to Sgt. Barra for stopping and rendering aid.

“Sgt. Barra is an excellent example of the great employees who we have working at CAL and CDCR,” said Warden W. L. Montgomery. “Sgt. Barra’s actions are a true display of selfless service to our community.”