By CDCR’s Advanced Learning Institute

The Lieutenants’ Academy, offered at the Advanced Learning Institute (ALI) in Sacramento, received a reboot thanks to the efforts of the ALI staff, the Office of Training and Professional Development’s Instructional Design Unit, subject matter experts (SMEs), and leadership at Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development.

In 2014, the Lieutenants’ Academy curricula began the updating process. The goal was to update all eight lesson plans, find SMEs to provide input and instruct, and get the Lieutenants’ Academy up and rolling again. After a year and a half, the mission was accomplished.

The Lieutenants’ Academy curricula consist of eight classes, and prior to being updated, some of these were almost ten years old.  By reaching out to SMEs and researching current policy and procedures to ensure the classes are accurate and relevant, the Lieutenants’ Academy is up-to-date and currently registering participants after a four-year hiatus.

“As a lieutenant, you have one of the most important jobs in the department, and I am thrilled that you are able to attend this training. You are the wardens and directors of the future,” CDCR Secretary Scott Kernan told the participants.

CDCR’s Advanced Learning Institute instructs first- and second-line supervisors, providing them the tools necessary to be successful leaders at their respective institutions.

ALI’s mission: “Through meaningful contribution, continuous improvement, and best practices, the Advanced Learning Institute engages, enlightens, and equips correctional professionals to assume positions in leadership and employee development; fulfills legal mandates; and looks to the future by investing in staff, the Department’s greatest resource.