Department employees compete in their own Olympic games in 1986.

Department employees compete in their own Olympic games in 1986.

(Editor’s note: In July 1986, what was then known as the California Department of Corrections published a story on the third annual CDC Olympics in “Correction News,” a department-produced newsletter and predecessor to Inside CDCR.)

By Les Johnson, Correction News editor
Communications Office

From the time that department Director Dan McCarthy officially opened the CDC Third Olympiad, to the last dance on Saturday night, people were having fun.

The opening ceremonies began at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 30, at Alan Witt Park in Fairfield. The Dixon High School Band provided the music and Olympic participants made a grand entrance institution by institution into the main arena. Director McCarthy, host Superintendent Eddie Ylst and other dignitaries welcomed competitors and supporters from all 12 institutions, Paroles and Central Office.

Over 1,200 department employees competed at the event, which was well-organized by California Medical Facility staff.

For some sports such as tug-of-war, the competition was over Friday night. But team competitors from volleyball, basketball and softball, played into the night on Saturday.

The Olympic weekend climaxed with an award, dinner, dance, banquet and socialization event on Saturday night. The proud and humble gathered to celebrate the end of a great weekend and the obvious acceptance of a new department tradition.

“I’m pleased with the continuing success of the Olympic competitions,” said Director McCarthy. “It brings us all together and is a real morale builder. It’s so much fun.”

Lt. Ray Young, the official Olympic Coordinator, saluted the city of Fairfield for hosting events. He also expressed pride in the conduct of the participants.

Many people involved in the CDC Olympics are already looking forward to next year’s event to be held at California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo.

1986 CDC Olympiad final standings

  1. California Medical Facility – 363 points
  2. Correctional Training Facility – 290 points
  3. Central Office/Parole and Community Services Division – 224.5 points
  4. San Quentin State Prison – 214 points
  5. California Rehabilitation Center – 160 points
  6. California Institution for Men – 128 points
  7. California Institution for Women – 76 points
  8. California Men’s Colony – 67.5 points
  9. California Correctional Institution – 66.5 points
  10. Deuel Vocational Institution – 53.5 points
  11. Sierra Conservation Center – 51.5 points
  12. Folsom State Prison – 48 points
  13. California Correctional Center – 47.5 points