DAPO Director Guillermo Viera Rosa speaks during the Northern Division ceremony. See photos of both ceremonies below.

DAPO Director Guillermo Viera Rosa speaks during the Northern Division ceremony. See photos of both ceremonies below.

Photos by Eric Owens, CDCR Staff Photographer
Office of Public and Employee Communications

CDCR’s Division of Parole Adult Operations (DAPO) promoted 54 agents to higher positions this summer as the Northern and Southern Divisions held separate ceremonies to celebrate their agents’ success.

The most recent promotional ceremony was in the Southern Region at the Norma Kershaw Auditorium of the Bower’s Museum in Santa Ana at which Undersecretary Ralph Diaz congratulated the honorees.

Undersecretary Ralph Diaz

Undersecretary Ralph Diaz

Diaz said, “We gather far too little and recognize achievement even less.”  This milestone he said “is not only special to you and your loved ones, it is special for those in the communities you will be impacting. “

He asked the honorees to think back to when they joined the department and reminded them that the calling to their jobs was something “that has always been inside of you.  That thing is called leadership.”

He defined it as their “desire to be an example for others to follow.”

He challenged the promoting agents to influence the parolees on their caseloads.

“By your actions and inactions, influence them by your work ethic, influence them by supporting the DAPO mission and most importantly by making the ones who supported you to this point in your life proud,” Diaz said.

Dozens of family members and friends were in attendance at each of the ceremonies to celebrate the achievements. Agents were given certificates and citations of congratulations from their local legislators.

DAPO Director Guillermo Viera Rosa gave keynote addresses at both ceremonies.

“Our Division as a whole benefits when good staff promote and become great supervisors,” Director Viera Rosa said.

He also emphasized the leadership theme with a to-do list for the agents who are taking on additional responsibilities that included tips like: “be responsible for the welfare of your staff, mentor, lead by example, and seek justice and defend the dignity of everyone.”

He reminded the promoting agents that “civil servants are entrusted with power over life, liberty and the public’s assets and resources,” a daunting task that also requires them to maintain a good balance between their work and their personal lives. To that end, he reminded them to “be kind and support one another.”

The advice was strongly noted by honorees like Rick Carlos who is now the Unit Supervisor of the San Diego Unit.

“I want to create an environment where the agents in my unit want to come to work every day and they feel comfortable coming to me for direction,” Carlos said.

Undersecretary Diaz may have summed up the ceremonies best when he closed by saying, “thank you for your service and loyalty to this great department.  And may God continue to bless you and your loved ones.”

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In all, including Carlos, 26 agents were promoted in the Southern Division. Moving up to the position of Parole Agent III in the Southern Division are: Jason Bradshaw, Elissa Fernandez, James Gruender, Jamaal Hall, Jessica Latumeten, Jose Morales, Jackie Rivera and Rajesh Talwar.  Promoting to Parole Agent II in that same division are Ignacio Arce, Santiago Auditor, Art Barcenas, Jennifer Barnes, Paul Cooper, Irma Gonzalez, Judy Han, Dominique Hughes,William Jones, Jim Ortiz, Elizabeth McVay-Bloss, Melanie Reyes, Stephanie Smith, Jack Sun, Kenneth Thomas, Ronald Warner and Kevin White.

The Northern Division, promoted 28 parole agents to the positions of Specialists and Supervisors and Administrators at a ceremony held at the Stockton Parole Office. Promoting to Parole Administrator I were Peter Bedrosian and Michelle Donovan-Deplitch. Agents being promoted to Parole Agent III include: Jennifer Allor-Cross, Richard Ancheta, Yesenia Barocio, Darrott Johnson, Jaimee Lacey, Jose Mello Jr., Tae Shin, Gregory Sims, Kyle Smith and Kimberly White.  A dozen agents were advanced to Parole Agent II Supervisor. They include: John Alvarez, Christian Carpenter, Mitchell Crofoot, Sharon Duskey, John Edelman, Trevor Hatley, Ebonie Henderson, Carlos Lopez, Jeffrey Penzel, Tony Ramirez, Robert Sanchez and Craig Wilson. Four agents were promoted to Parole Agent II-Specialist. They are Daniel Ascencion, Ron Dunne, Maria Garcia and Bao Nguyen.