Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJDCF) officials are investigating a staff assault that sent four correctional officers to the hospital.

On Aug. 17, 2016 at 2 p.m., inmate Charles Morgan, 33, spit on a correctional officer and struck him in the face. Morgan then attacked a responding officer by striking her in the face and knocking her to the ground where she hit the back of her head.

Morgan struck two more officers who responded to the incident by hitting them with his fists and elbows. Officers used pepper spray and physical force to subdue and restrain the inmate.

The four officers were taken to an outside hospital for treatment. Three officers suffered minor injuries. One officer suffered a concussion and was treated for a head injury. She was released and is recovering at home with her family.

All the officers are expected to recover.

Morgan was treated by medical staff at the prison and last night was admitted to a hospital in the community.

Morgan was admitted to state prison on Jan. 7, 2013, from San Diego County and is serving a six-year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon.

In 2001, he served a two-year sentence from San Luis Obispo County for battery on a peace officer.

In 2004, while still in custody, Morgan received a two-year sentence from San Diego County for battery on a non-prisoner.

In 2005, he battered a correctional officer and received a three-year sentence from San Diego County for battery on a non-prisoner inflicting great bodily injury.