PB CRT pot

Members of the Crisis Response Team from Pelican Bay State Prison recenlty helped destroy a marijuana garden.

The Crisis Response Team (CRT) at Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) earlier this summer helped other law enforcement destroy a large marijuana garden in Northern California.

PB pot grow 2

A member of the PBSP CRT carries marijuana plants to a wood chipper for destruction.

The illegal crop was believed linked to a drug cartel. The plants were found on federal forest lands in Curry and Del Norte counties.

The Curry County Sheriff’s Office reported finding about 12,000 mature marijuana plants.

The garden was abandoned when officers arrived and no arrests have been made.

In a press release, the sheriff’s office gave this account:

“The marijuana grow was in a very remote area of Curry County just across from the California border where another large marijuana garden was also located.  The marijuana grow had been detected by helicopter about a week earlier.

“Eradication teams were short hauled in to the grow area by helicopter and the plants were cut down and hauled back out to a landing zone by helicopter.  The plants were then destroyed by use of a wood chipper.

“Prior to being inserted into the grow area, the helicopter made several passes over the site and an armed ground team cleared the area to make it safe for the eradication team.

“Insertion teams located a camouflaged handmade living structure and evidence of weapons and chemicals in the grow site but did not find any suspects in the garden.  It was obvious that whoever was tending to the marijuana had left prior to the eradication team arrival.”