By OPEC Staff

A routine trip home quickly turned into a rescue operation for CDCR Analyst Allen Aldon last month.

Aldon, who is assigned to the Office of Peace Officer Selection in Rancho Cucamonga, was on a freeway when he saw a vehicle run over a motorcyclist, leaving the bike rider lodged under the vehicle.


Allen Aldon

Aldon immediately stopped and ran to the vehicle, a Ford Mustang. The driver and passenger were apparently in shock.

Beneath the Mustang, the biker appeared severely injured. Aldon tried to talk to the victim but received no response.

Several bystanders unsuccessfully tried to lift the vehicle while Aldon was next to it on his hands and knees. Several more people arrived and lifted the vehicle just enough for Aldon to crawl under.

Aldon was aware of the risk he was taking.

“As I crawled under the vehicle, honestly, my first thought was my own safety,” he said. However, he continued and slowly pulled the biker from under the vehicle.

He stayed with the victim until medical help arrived.

“After verifying that the victim was conscious and alive,” Aldon said he knew the risk he took “was worth it.”

Asked last why he took the risk to help the injured biker, he said: “I guess, simply put, it’s in my nature.”

Aldon plans to stay with CDCR and aims to become a Correctional Officer.