Correctional Sgt. Salvador Velasco Jr., who was driving to work at Calipatria State Prison (CAL), rendered aid to a severely injured traffic victim on Aug. 29.

Sergeant Salvador Velasco Jr.

Sgt. Salvador Velasco Jr.

Sgt. Velasco saw a man on the ground near the accident. He stopped, called 911 and tried to help the victim, who was unconscious.

The victim was bleeding and had severe injuries. Sgt. Velasco applied pressure to stop the bleeding.

After the man regained consciousness, Sgt. Velasco assured him that medical help was on the way.

After paramedics arrived, Sgt. Velasco continued to assist in the caring for the victim before he was transported to a hospital.

Chief Deputy Warden (A) B. Paul said Sergeant Velasco actions “are heroic in nature and truly reflect the caliber of staff we have at CAL and CDCR.”