Jackie Laudeman named Rehabilitation Professional of the Year

By Krissi Khokhobashvili, CDCR Public Information Officer II
Office of Public and Employee Communications

An innovative new program is helping offenders on their paths home, from providing job skills and educational opportunities to facilitating family reunification and social support.

The Male Community Reentry Program (MCRP) is a community-based program that affords eligible offenders the opportunity to serve the final 180 days of their sentence in the program. MCRP staff link participants to a range of services, addressing substance abuse disorders, mental health care, medical care, employment, housing and more.

Jackie Laudeman

Jackie Laudeman

Correctional Counselor III Jacqueline “Jackie” Laudeman has been there since the beginning, at the very first MCRP in Los Angeles County. Her leadership skills and focus on rehabilitation and successful re-entry have earned her the title of CDCR 2016 Rehabilitation Professional of the Year.

Laudeman helped DRP activate and implement the re-entry program while sustaining a collaborative relationship with stakeholders. She is always looking for innovative ways to improve programming by making the best use of all available resources.

Here, Laudeman shares her views on rehabilitation, re-entry, and the positive impact programs like MCRP have on society.

What has been your professional path to your current position?

I started working for CDCR April 1998 as a Correctional Officer at California Institution for Men. I was promoted to Correctional Counselor I in May 2004, I then promoted to Correctional Counselor II in November 2010, due to being limited term and cutbacks I was sent back to Correctional Counselor I in November 2012. Six months later I promoted to Correctional Counselor II (Assistant Classification and Paroles Representative) in May 2013 and finally in June 2015 I was promoted to Correctional Counselor III of the MCRP in Los Angeles. I oversee critical day-to-day issues and am responsible for operations and custodial management of the program and participants. On a daily basis I am checking in on the participants, making sure they are getting the tools needed to ensure a successful transition back into the communities.

MCRP is a fairly new program – what was your vision for activation, and what were some challenges you faced?

The vision of the MCRP is to reduce recidivism and rehabilitate offenders who will one day become our neighbors. One of the challenges we faced was making the necessary contacts in the community to ensure participants are able to get what they need in order to succeed when released from the program. We now have a deputy probation officer who comes to the facility to assist the participants who will be releasing to probation, enabling participants to better plan their futures.

What is your philosophy on rehabilitation and re-entry programming and its importance to offender success?

My philosophy on rehabilitation is that providing information and assistance to participants will increase success. A participant who has been incarcerated for years may find the world an overwhelming place once released. Participating in MCRP gives them time to get reacquainted with society and the changes that have occurred. This allows the participants to gain the knowledge they need to become productive citizens.

What are some programs at MCRP that you are particularly proud of?

The MCRP’s many groups, classes and activities make for an easy transition back into the community. LA MCRP offers education, Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy classes, including anger management, criminal thinking and family relations, along with life skills, Job Club, money management, parenting, domestic violence classes, and so many more.

What are your thoughts on being honored by the department for your hard work?

I feel so grateful and appreciative to be honored by the department.  The support that I have received has been amazing. Thank you for all of the kind words and for being such an incredible group/team.