Warden Cynthia Tampkins, center, awarded $500 in scholarships to each student. Parents hold photos of their scholarship-winning students.

Warden Cynthia Tampkins, center, awarded $500 in scholarships to each student. Parents hold photos of their scholarship-winning students.

By Lt. Sarah Watson, AA/Public Information Officer
California Rehabilitation Center

The California Rehabilitation Center Employee Association (CRCEA) recently awarded $2,800 in scholarships. The scholarship recipients included three high school seniors and two college students who each received a $500 scholarship.  Six students received honorable mention, along with a small monetary gift.

“I am very excited with the amount of scholarships CRC was able to provide this year.  Every year we strive to exceed the last and with the staff’s generosity we will continue to give to worthy students,” said Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins.

CRCEA continues to hold fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the scholarship program and to assist employees who may be in need of a helping hand.  Among these fundraisers are food sales and food trucks, annual Stateline bus trip, Holiday Gift Basket Competition, and a host of other events.

The CRCEA Scholarship Fund, in its fifth successful year has awarded over $8,000 in scholarships.  The CRCEA Scholarship Fund was established to recognize outstanding high school and college students of CRC employees who have a solid grade point average, are active in the community and who have demonstrated the determination and drive to achieve excellence.

Each high school student was required to complete and submit an application, two letters of recommendation, transcripts, and write a brief essay about themselves.  The college students had a tougher assignment where they were required to write an essay on a topic selected by Warden Tampkins.

This year, the warden was intrigued by tennis pro Novak Djokovic when he questioned whether women deserved equal pay.  Warden Tampkins wanted to learn how the youth of the future felt about equal pay and selected the following topic for this year’s essay as: “There has been discussion in the media regarding equal pay, equal work for both male and females.  Just recently, a famous male tennis player said women tennis players should receive lower salaries than their male counterparts.  Regardless of the profession, why should both genders receive the same pay for equal work?”

Non-custody and custody staff volunteered as the scholarship evaluation team. They reviewed and evaluated each submitted scholarship package and selected the following recipients.

The 2016 CRCEA Scholarship Recipients are:

Malikah Saafir – Malikah is the daughter of CRC employee Abdulmalik Saafir Sr.  She is a junior at Hampton University with a 3.58 GPA, majoring in nursing. After earning her bachelor’s she plans to pursue a master’s degree in Midwifery so she can help women in prenatal care.  It is her passion to talk to others and help them cope with life and health issues. As a midwife, she plans to continue helping inner-city youth.  Malikah participates in Student Nurses Association, Ogre Phi Ogre Community Service Committee, Rose Petals (mentoring organization), Visual Poet’s Society, and West Coast Pre-Alumni Council.

Ava Cobarrubias – Ava is the daughter of CRC employee Dennis Cobarrubias. She is a sophomore at Georgetown University with a 3.567 GPA, although undeclared, she is leaning towards a major in psychology with a minor in cognitive science or double majoring in psychology and anthropology. Ava’s ultimate goal is to become a forensic scientist. Ava said, “I have always been interested in all aspects of crime, from the investigation to the court proceeding. It takes a village to be a success and CRCEA would be part of my village.”

Reece Fontana – Reece is the son of CRC employee Joseph Fontana. He graduated from Vista del Lago High School with a 3.7 GPA. He was a major asset to the football program where he started playing on the varsity team as a sophomore. Reece will attend the University of Saint Mary where he will play football and plans to major in Sports Management. Reece also plans to volunteer in his new community.

Renee Diaz – Renee is the daughter of CRC employee Sandra Diaz.  Renee graduated from Norco High School with a 3.8 GPA and lettered in Track and field.  She volunteered as a photographer for the Norco Area Chamber of Commerce, where she photographed mayors and members of Norco.  She also volunteered at the San Antonio Regional Hospital working in the Emergency Room assisting nurses, doctors, and patients.  Renee will be attending the University of San Diego and studying Pharmacological Chemistry.

Tyler Krogh – Tyler is the son of CRC employee Tara Krogh.  He graduated from Norco High School with a 3.42 GPA.  He served as a saxophone section leader in the school band.  Tyler received the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence.  Tyler attends the University of California Merced majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology.

The follow applicants received honorable mention:

Jenessa Lozano

Gloria Hinson

Antoine Cadogan

Justin Bergerich

Skylar Fontana

Prisca Diala