From left are Nate Owens, President of Susanville Little League, Warden M. Eliot Spearman and Lt. Greg Crowe.

By Lt. Gregory Crowe, AA/Public Information Officer
High Desert State Prison

High Desert State Prison (HDSP) Warden M. Eliot Spearman presented Susanville Little League with a donation of $1,000 on Dec. 8. The donation came from the prison’s Charitable Fund, which is generated from offender fundraising activities throughout the year.

“Part of Restorative Justice is teaching offenders to give back to the citizens of the State of California,” said Warden Spearman. “Our new Vision Statement states, ‘Offenders will affect communities across the State of California through progressive thinking from within our secured perimeter.’ This is one example of many, where employees are facilitating Restorative Justice by educating offenders at HDSP on how they can help the youth in our local communities.”