Bill Glass event inspires inmates at California Institution for Men

Photos and story Lt. Mark Hargrove, AA/Public Information Officer
California Institution for Men

The California Institution for Men recently hosted a Bill Glass – Behind the Walls event.

Over 60 faithful volunteers came to the Chino prison to bring the message to inmates over the weekend. The ministry of Bill Glass, known for its high-energy Day of Champions event where volunteers including pro athletes, champion weight lifters and musicians; as well as the display of custom motorcycles, draw prisoners out for a message of deliverance.

The event consisted of four separate groups delivering the message of hope to inmates at all four facilities at CIM, reaching out to approximately 3,700 inmates. Group performers such as accomplished musician Brenda Harp sang some heartfelt classics, followed by speaker Duche Bradley, who took time to connect with inmates by telling his personal experience of being incarcerated, and his subsequent success after leaving prison. Super Bowl champion Devin Wyman showed off his strength as he bent a metal skillet in half by sheer force of his own hands.

The main event of the day included Caleb Crevier, who performed on the nationally televised show “America’s Got Talent,” wowing the inmates inside the Facility B gymnasium with his performance, which included him riding a 10-foot unicycle while juggling and finishing the show by spinning 10 basketballs at once.

Upon conclusion of the performances, Bill Glass volunteers took time to meet with the inmates and gave them encouragement and hope through their faith-based message.

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