Correctional Officer Rudolfo Ibarra

Correctional Officer Rudolfo Ibarra

By Lt. John Ojo, AA/Public Information Officer
California State Prison, Solano

Correctional Officer Rudolfo Ibarra played an instrumental part in assisting Vacaville Police Department with the identity and capture of suspects who robbed a local sandwich shop and were involved in two other restaurant-related crimes in the area.

Officer Ibarra entered the sandwich shop around 9:15 p.m. when he discovered no employees at the front counter. As he waited, he heard a loud noise coming from the back room and heard a booming voice shout, “Get down, don’t look at me. Count to 100 and don’t call the police.”

Looking around, he saw there were no other patrons in the restaurant. Not knowing how many suspects there were or if they were armed, Officer Ibarra rushed to his car to call 911.

The suspect then bolted out of the restaurant. Officer Ibarra was able to give dispatch a detailed description of the suspect and the direction he had fled. Without knowing what possible danger was inside, Officer Ibarra went back into the restaurant to assess and assist the victims. Although scared and shaken, two female employees were alive. Officer Ibarra comforted the victims, telling them they were OK, police had been contacted and it was safe to come out.

Using the description he provided, Vacaville Police captured the suspect two blocks from the crime scene. Officer Ibarra was able to give a positive identification of the suspect via a field-identification with Vacaville Police later that evening.

Officer Ibarra credited his quick thinking to his CDCR training.

“My training helped me make a quick and rational decision in the face of fear,” he said. “I didn’t have an off-duty weapon or a ballistics vest, so I knew the safest thing for all involved was to not go in blind not knowing what I was up against, but was to call 911.”