Associate Warden Chris Arthur was recognized for his devotion to Special Olympics and his years of service to the state.

By Lt. John Ojo, AA/Public Information Officer
California State Prison, Solano

Under “leadership,” the CDCR Mission Statement reads, “We serve as positive role models and foster an environment that supports a balance between professional development, professional job performance, and personal wellness.” The spirit of service was recently celebrated and evidenced by Associate Warden (AW) Chris Arthur; who attended a Bowling Competition for the Special Olympics. At the end of the day’s events, an awards ceremony commenced, wherein participating athletes received medals for their accomplishments.

However, like any story with a happy ending, there was a surprise twist of fate, for one AW Arthur who received a medal of his own. Assemblymen Jim Frazier, who is a major supporter of The Special Olympics and CSP-Solano, had the honor of donning the medal around the neck of AW Arthur, who was honored for his years of serving others. He was also recognized for 27 years of service and dedication to the CDCR.  He is retiring in December 2016.

AW Arthur has been an essential part of fundraising for the Special Olympics over the years.

“I was totally humbled. I did this because I liked it and feel like I received the bigger gift,” he said. “I didn’t feel like I deserved an award.”

AW Arthur became involved with Special Olympics because he loves running. He learned of the cause by way of his participation in the Law Enforcement Torch Run.  AW Arthur quickly became a pivotal part in spreading awareness to the cause and inspiring other staff members at CSP-Solano to participate in serving others.

AW Chris Arthur was all smiles during the Special Olympics ceremony earlier this year. He’s seen here with Team Solano Special Olympics athlete Dawn.

AW Arthur completed his first run and graciously participated in the Awards Ceremony at UC Davis, where he was able to witness firsthand the excitement in which the athletes displayed upon receipt of their shining medals.  During all of the excitement, AW Arthur listened attentively as the athletes raved about their desires to stay in the dorms or even attend a dance at the hosting University. Ultimately, as a result of these stories, the excitement of the participants as a whole and the overall fulfillment in which it encompasses, AW Arthur has built an everlasting connection which has kept him coming back.

The occasion which ultimately sealed the deal for AW Arthur’s years of participation is when a chance encounter at a Special Olympics ceremony brought him face to face with a friend’s daughter who was a participant in the events.  AW Arthur, who was unaware of the circumstances, was ultimately presented the opportunity to place a medal around the young girl’s neck at the ceremony’s conclusion; and the rest is history. Although AW Arthur will soon be retiring, he plans on staying connected with Special Olympics.

AW Arthur has attended over 95 percent of all Tip-a-Cop events but he has also been of service in other ways. He was the Peer Support Administrator, EEO Coordinator, and Crisis Response Team (CRT) Operator at both CSP-Solano/California Medical Facility and San Quentin.