Toys were donated in three separate drives at CMF.

By Lt. Megan Cherinka, AA/Public Information Officer
California Medical Facility

The holiday season was alive and well at California Medical Facility as the staff made a big splash.

Through the generous donations of all CMF staff members, including local chapters of California Correctional Supervisors Organization (CCSO) and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA), the institution raised approximately $9,688.73 for toys, helping approximately 360 kids in surrounding counties.

These programs included The Christmas Wish through the City of Vacaville in Solano County.

Christmas Wish is a program in which families in need apply and a red paper bell shaped ornament is made with the child’s four wishes. Staff members from all departments signed up, helping 70 kids with gifts, including bicycles, clothing, learning toys and scooters.

Neighborhood HOPE Dealer, through their founder Wordsmith, partnered with CMF for the seasonal toy drive.

Neighborhood HOPE is a nationally recognized street team which reaches into neighborhoods, block by block, bringing community unity. HOPE is an acronym for “Helping Others Prosper Eternally.” With the help of local union chapters CCSO and CCPOA, CMF raised $1,250 to fill the barrels for the drive. Over 124 toys were purchased and donated.

The CMF medical staff, spearheaded by Dr. M. DiTomas and the medical team, donated over 160 toys to provide each child a new toy who visited the facility on Dec. 24-25. The gifts were individually wrapped and presented to the children as they were leaving CMF Visiting.

By the numbers

  • Christmas Wish Program through the City of Vacaville: 70 kids helped, gifts valued between $40 and $50 (value of $3,500).
  • Neighborhood Hope Dealer: 124 brand-new toys filled five barrels (value of $1,238.73).
  • Doctors’ Christmas: 165 toys for children visiting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (value $4,950).
  • Total value: $9,688.73
  • Total kids helped: Over 360