By Lt. Kevin McCoy, AA/Public Information Officer
Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center

While families peacefully slumbered in their warm beds, a Correctional Sergeant went door-to-door to evacuate them during a potentially dangerous neighborhood gas leak.

Sgt. Stanley Wright helped evacuate his neighborhood in the middle of the night during an emergency.

At 3:30 in the morning on Dec. 28, Sgt. Stanley Wright, who works at the Correctional Training Center, heard a strange sound and looked out his upstairs window. He spotted a construction crew hurrying away from the source of the odd sound.

Based on their reaction and the sound itself, Sgt. Wright believed they hit a gas line. He raced downstairs, threw open the back door and confirmed the distinct odor of gas.

He immediately evacuated his family and called 911. That’s when he discovered the construction crew had yet to report the leak. The 911 operator dispatched the fire department and PG&E to the scene.

While waiting for the emergency crews to arrive, Sgt. Wright went door-to-door to evacuate his neighbors. Due to his diligence, three homes were already evacuated by the time the fire department arrived and assumed control.

The fire department confirmed the neighborhood’s main gas line was ruptured, which could have caused a devastating explosion. PG&E worked quickly to shut down and cap off the line. After a few hours, the air quality tested clear and the residents were allowed to return home.

His neighbors expressed gratitude for Sgt. Wright’s quick actions.