Shirley Mesa, with Mesahaus Dog Training, visited the Pups on Parole program at CCC.

By Lt. Aaron Yderraga, AA/Public Information Officer
California Correctional Center

California Correctional Center’s (CCC) Pups on Parole program recently got a visit from Mesahaus Dog Training.

Pups on Parole is a partnership between CCC and the Lassen Humane Society to help abandoned dogs find new homes.

These neglected dogs are brought to the institution’s firehouse where each one is assigned an inmate handler.  Each inmate works with their dog daily in order to teach them the skills to make them a desirable candidate for adoption.

The dogs vary in size, including this little one wearing a sweater.

Shirley Mesa paid a visit to give the pooches already in the program some valuable training, as well as give the inmate handlers a crash course in some basic dog-training techniques.  The help was well received by the firehouse inmates who have become very passionate about the program.

The Pups on Parole program was initiated in 2008, and so far has successfully found new homes for 450 dogs.

Each dog receives all required shots, are spayed or neutered and are implanted with a micro-chip for tracking purposes.  For a small fee, you can take one of these well trained dogs home.

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For more information about the Lassen Humane Society, visit or call (530) 257-4555.

The inmate handlers have become passionate about the Pups on Parole program.