By OPEC staff

Two correctional officers were attacked by an inmate Thursday at Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP).

On Jan. 26 at around 7 p.m., a correctional officer was monitoring the dayroom when inmate Brandon Lawrence, 25, approached the officer and began striking him in the head and facial areas with his fists. The officer immediately began to defend himself from Lawrence’s attack using his own fists.

The control booth officer activated an alarm, ordered all inmates in the dayroom to get down on the ground, and radioed responding staff to advise them of the ongoing emergency. While waiting for responding staff to arrive, the first officer was able to grasp Lawrence and pull him to the floor.

The officer wrapped his arms around Lawrence’s upper torso and held him to the ground using the weight of his body. Responding staff arrived and assisted the officer with placing Lawrence in handcuffs and leg restraints.

During the altercation, the officer sustained a bruised nose and facial swelling, and a responding officer sustained a bruised knee. Both officers were transported to an outside medical facility for treatment and have since been released. Inmate Lawrence did not sustain any injuries and was placed in short-term restricted housing. He will face charges of battery on a peace officer.

Lawrence was received by CDCR on Dec. 7, 2015, from Tulare County to serve an eight-year sentence for attempted murder and inflicting great bodily injury.