The California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) reported the passing of retired Correctional Counselor David Patterson on Jan. 13, 2017.

He started his career in September 1979 at Lanterman Developmental Center as a Student Assistant.  In January 1980, he promoted to Psych Tech Trainee.

In January 1986, he promoted to Youth Correctional Officer at the Youth Authorities Fred C. Nelles.  In August 1988, he promoted to Youth Correctional Counselor and in April 2001 to Senior Youth Correctional Counselor.

In June 2004, he transferred to the Youth Training Facility. In January 2007, he promoted to Treatment Team Supervisor at the Southern Youth Correctional Reception Center and Clinic.

In December 2011, he transferred to CRC as a Correctional Counselor II Specialist and remained until his retirement in December 2012.