Shown are Warden Ron Rackley, Chief Deputy Warden J. Lozano, CRM C. Siegler, PIO Lt. Elton Soriano, Joe Ryan of the Cameron Park Rotary, Associate Warden Ted Verras, Volunteers with the Rotary, and inmates M. Argueta and J. Perez who participate in the bicycle repair program.

By Lt. Elton Soriano, AA/Public Information Officer
Folsom State Prison

For more than three decades, Folsom State Prison (FOL) and the Cameron Park Rotary Club have helped needy children and the homeless in the community through a bicycle repair program.

The partnership between the prison and the club has been in operation since 1986. This year, FOL’s bicycle repair shop was able to restore over 200 bicycles and provide them to the Cameron Park Rotary. The bikes were picked up in December.

The bicycles are donated to needy children and the homeless in El Dorado County.  The club collects the restored bikes from FOL and works with local schools to identify children from less fortunate homes. Bicycles are also donated to the homeless who may rely on a bike for transportation.

Discarded  bikes are dropped off at the front entrance of the prison by the community year round.  These bikes usually are in need of major repair or sometimes are bikes that children have simply outgrown.  The Cameron Park Rotary assists the repairs of the bicycles by donating parts and paint to the program.  Bicycles that are beyond repair are stripped of any usable parts and added to the prison’s metal recycling program.

For more than three decades, Cameron Park Rotary Club has partnered with Folsom State Prison to refurbish bicycles for needy children and the homeless.