Inmates unload new bikes at Georgetown Elementary School in Georgetown.

By Lt. Robert Kelsey, AA/Public Information Officer
Sierra Conservation Center

Continuing the almost 40-year tradition, inmates and staff members from Growlersburg Conservation Camp, CC#33, delivered 27 new bikes to children in the local community.

This is a joint effort between staff from CDCR and their counterparts, who work for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CALFIRE). This program, in years past, was coordinated by a now retired CALFIRE employee and with his retirement the program ended last year. Georgetown is a small community and the staff at CC#33 observed the continued need and benefit of this program.

Through the efforts of CALFIRE Division Chief Mike Webb and CDCR Camp Commander Lt. Mike Hill, the program was brought back this year.

Both leaders challenged their staff to dig deep and donate their own money during the holiday season. They were able to raise enough funds to buy 27 new bikes.

Partnering with Georgetown School Secretary Brenda Caldie, a list of children in need, along with the size of bicycle, was provided.

On delivery day, parents and some children came to pick-up the bikes.

“As long as Chief Webb and I are still here, we will do everything possible to ensure the program continues to grow in the coming years,” said Lt. Hill. “Our community is filled with hardworking people, who do their best to provide for their children. Some of these families just don’t have the means to provide more than just essential items during the holidays for their kids. If we can help them, during the holidays, by providing a bike, which gives a lifelong set of memories to their children, then this program is a success.”