BPH Logo

BPH unveiled a more modern logo for 2017. The logo was designed by CDCR Webmaster Thomas Gonzales.

By OPEC Staff

The Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) has evolved since its inception more than a century ago when the original parole law was passed in 1893. The board’s logo is no different. This year, they unveiled a new logo to highlight its modern-day approach.

“The primary reason for the logo change is to more accurately reflect our mission. While the board’s mission is similar to that of a law enforcement agency in that we protect and preserve public safety, we do so by conducting fair hearings that respect the rights of all who appear before us,” said BPH Executive Officer Jennifer Shaffer. “As a result, the new logo includes the scales of justice, which better reflects our decision-making role.”

The logo was designed by CDCR Webmaster Thomas Gonzales, who heads up the Web Task Force.

“They requested the logo represent fairness, justice and transparency. I incorporated the scales of justice which are made-up using a pillar as the foundation and a magnifying glass balancing the two sides of the scale,” Gonzales said.

The logo has been incorporated on the BPH intranet page.