A correctional officer was injured after an inmate attack in a facility walkway at California Health Care Facility (CHCF) Tuesday.

At approximately 1:37 p.m., an inmate left a housing unit at CHCF and entered a walkway, where correctional officers instructed him to return to his housing unit. The inmate refused the direct order and struck a correctional officer in the face with his fist. He continued down the walkway, refusing all orders to get down. Two members of CHCF custody staff utilized a baton and physical force to bring the inmate to the ground and place him in restraints.

The officer who was struck in the face was treated at an outside hospital and required five sutures to his lower lip. He was released from the hospital Tuesday and returned to duty Wednesday.

The inmate sustained a scratch on his forehead and was rehoused in an Administrative Segregation Unit after a medical evaluation.