Six members of custody staff at California Correction Center (CCC) were assaulted by a group of approximately 30 inmates today at 6:30 a.m. in the dining hall.

The incident happened when inmates were walking to the facility dining hall to receive the morning meal. One inmate was being counseled by officers for not complying with the rules. The inmate became angered and turned around and attacked one of the officers. Immediately, approximately 30 inmates rushed to the scene of the attack and began punching and kicking the officers. Inmates also hurled food trays and broke them over the heads of responding staff.

Responding staff used physical force, pepper spray and less-than-lethal direct impact rounds to quell the riot within a few minutes. Four correctional officers were treated for minor cuts and bruises at nearby hospitals. They were quickly released. A correctional counselor was also treated for a broken thumb and returned to work.

One inmate suffered a broken orbital socket and is receiving treatment at an outside medical facility. Four inmate-made weapons were recovered in the dining hall.

Inmate movement on CCC’s yard is being restricted while the cause and participants of the riot are being investigated.