GOGI Peer facilitator candidates are shown with COR Associate Warden R. Godwin, Counselor and GOGI leadership group facilitator Juan Bugarin, Lt. Edward Sanchez, GOGI leader Coach Taylor, GOGI representative Irma Ruiz and CRM Marlene Robicheaux.

By Lt. Edward Sanchez, AA/PIO
Corcoran State Prison

While their families may not have physically been present, the men completing their first cycle of GOGI (Going Out by Going In) Peer Coach Training at California State Prison, Corcoran (COR), certainly felt their support.

“He can do anything he sets his mind to do,” writes Patricia Padilla, wife of Peer-Coach-in-training inmate Leonard Sanchez, in a letter read at the celebration. “Me and the kids love him and we are cheering him on from out here.”

Under the direction of Warden Dave Davey, more than 137 men housed at COR have completed the initial phase of their GOGI studies.

In an affirmation of facility unity and dedication to positive programming, the event was also attended by School Principal Bernice Van Klavern, and counselors CCll Bailey, CCII Josh Phelps, Plant Operations M. Fechner and custody personnel.

A select few are chosen to continue their studies and certify as Peer facilitators responsible for inspiring positive changes within the housing units and on the yards. The GOGI program at COR was initially funded by the 2016 Innovative Grants and was enhanced by donor and volunteer support.

The program is set to expand with 2017 Innovative grant funding for in-cell English and Spanish courses offered to more than 1,000 inmates throughout the institution.