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By DAPO Staff

The Los Angeles Central Parole District recently hosted a staff appreciation day to recognize employees for their previous year accomplishments. The event also serves to recognize community-based organizations and friends for their outstanding contributions to provide services to the ex-offender population and to reduce recidivism.

This year’s March 16 event acknowledged employees for their individual contributions to assist the parolee population and their families. Several of the employees, and representatives from community based organizations received certificates of appreciation and commendations from the Sunset Day Reporting Center, The Contra Costa County Office of Education, the Los Angeles City Mayor’s Office, Congresswoman Karen Bass’ office and Friends Outside.

District Administrator Vincent Thompson presented plaques to LA Central Parole District’s Program Technician, Parole Agent I, Parole Agent II, and Parole Agent III for 2016. Each Parole Agent III Supervisor presented certificates to six agents who were selected as the agents’ unit of the year for 2016.

Southern Region Regional Parole Administrator Karen Thacker awarded the DAPO Parole Agent II Supervisor of the Month award to Parole Agent III (A) Dominique Hughes. Lunch was provided to the district employees and the community based organization representatives.

This event was an opportunity for the entire district employees to celebrate their accomplishments, network with representatives from the mayor’s office, the Southern Region Executive Team and community based organizations. The event concluded with a presentation on reducing stress and thinking positive.

The District has set an aggressive plan for 2017 that will focus on preparing employees for promotions, and building a cohesive team.

The focus is also going to be on assisting parolees in obtaining employment and education to reduce recidivism in California.