MCSP staff created a shirt to honor the troops. They also donated over $3,000 to fund care packages for troops serving overseas.

By Lt. Angelo Gonzales, AA/PIO, MCSP

Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) staff is donning red to help the troops.

Just before the holidays, MCSP staff reached out to Move America Forward (MAF) with a program they had developed to show their support for our troops.

With that goal in mind, a staff member at MCSP designed a special shirt for the staff at MCSP and their family members to purchase and wear on Fridays, called R.E.D shirts, that not only showed their support for our troops but also raised the funds necessary to send $3,200 in care packages.

So what are the R.E.D. shirts?

R.E.D. — Remember Everyone Deployed.

R.E.D. stands for Remember Everyone Deployed and that is exactly what MCSP has done through its fund-raising program. Thanks to MCSP, over 125 waiting troops will benefit from care packages full of goodies like coffee from Rogers Family Coffee and sweet treats including cookies, candy and premium jerky not to mention personal care items and sturdy, warm boot socks to protect their feet.

“These men and women who are deployed overseas serving our country need to be reminded how much we not only care and appreciate them, but we are humbled at their courage and are thinking about them daily,” an MCSP spokesperson told MAF, who published it in their newsletter. “It was easy for us to develop our contribution method and was rewarding to see our staff and community come together as a team and create a very lucrative donation.”

“Move America Forward was honored to have members of the MCSP staff drop in to present us personally with their contribution and to pitch in while they were there. The representatives for MCSP assured us they would be honored to participate in another drive of this sort in the future which is great news for us and for our many waiting troops,” MAF posted on their website.

Others who would like to create a program to support of our troops, contact Scott Raab, MAF’s Outreach Director, at

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