By Steve Stone, Assistant Chief
Office of Peace Officer Selection

Every candidate survey conducted since the Correctional Officer hiring ramp-up officially began July 1, 2013 has overwhelmingly shown the most effective resource for recruiting is CDCR staff.

Thank you!  Radio, television, and social media all have a role and an impact on meeting recruiting needs but CDCR staff have repeatedly out performed all media formats in recruiting effectiveness.

Beginning with the May 30, 2017 Academy, class sizes will increase to the same range experienced during the ramp up.  The additional need for cadets is being driven by higher attrition rates resulting in increasing institution vacancies.

At the same time, changes being implemented due to Proposition 57 are increasing the number of Parole Agent I and Youth Correctional Officer/Counselor academies and their need for qualified candidates as well.

With your help OPOS has met Academy needs for every class since December 30, 2013.

However, Proposition 57, increasing attrition, declining candidate applications, and the planned increase in Academy class size are increasing our need for CDCR staff assistance with recruiting over the next 12 – 18 months.

We continue to need your help – we’re all in this together.