Valley State Prison inmates donated money for the purchase of Kindle e-readers for an elementary school.

By Carmen Maroney, CRM, Valley State Prison

The Valley State Prison (VSP) Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Inmate Leisure Time Activity Groups elected to donate $2,033 to James Monroe Elementary School of Madera to assist in the development and implementation of a new e-reader program called myOn, benefiting second- through sixth-grade students.

This was the start of a partnership between James Monroe and Valley State Prison to help provide 29 students with a new, specially programmed Kindle device. The Kindle devices are set up to enable the student’s access to myOn, a book reading program data base, while at school and home.

VSP has supported James Monroe Elementary school over the last four years due to its high number of disadvantaged students. This support has included providing coats, clothing, shoes and toys during the holidays, and providing backpacks with school supplies for students who are not able to obtain their own.

Students use the Kindle e-readers in conjunction with the school’s computers.