From left are Kris Cory, Superintendent-FSUSD; David Isom, Board President-Elect-FSUSD, John Silva, Board Member-FSUSD, Judy Honeychurch, Board President-FSUSD, Antonio Gipson, Truancy Prevention Specialist-FSUSD, CMF Warden Robert W. Fox, CMF CRM David Maldonado, Aaron Ortega-Andrade, Student Rep-FSUSD, Bethany Smith, Board Member-FSUSD, Chris Wilson, Board Member-FSUSD, Joan Gaut, Board Member-FSUSD, Jonathon Richardson, Board Clerk-FSUSD and Correctional Officer, CMF.

By David Maldonado, CRM
California Medical Facility

The Governing Board of the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District recently honored the California Medical Facility (CMF) for a donation of bicycles to the student services department. The school district distributed the donated bicycle to students in need. Warden Robert W. Fox and Community Resources Manager David Maldonado accepted the award.

“The Board recognizes that the California Medical Facility has donated bikes which are distributed to students facing transportation issues, and that this contribution has had a positive impact on the District’s attendance initiatives,” said Judi Honeychurch, Board President, during the March 30 presentation.

The CMF Bike Project has been around since the 1980s, and has provided thousands of disadvantaged children with an opportunity to have a bike of their own. CMF receives donated bikes and parts from the surrounding community, providing minimum-security inmates with tangible job skills by refurbishing the bikes.

The renewed bicycles are donated back to the community through various non-profit agencies, organizations and local residents. CMF strives to maintain positive community relations by working with local agencies, businesses, community members and organizations to create partnerships.