SVSP Warden Bill Muniz addresses the graduates.

By Lt. Eduardo Mazariegos, AA/PIO
Salinas Valley State Prison

Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) recently reached one of its rehabilitation goals by hosting two inmate graduations. In conjunction with the Community Reentry Services, inmates from the SVSP minimum services facility and Facility A Special Needs Yard level III graduated their first Criminal Thinking and Anger Management classes on April 5 and April 27.

Warden Bill Muniz addressed the participants acknowledging their efforts and urging them to take what they have learned and utilize these tools in order to become productive members of society. He and his administration are advocates of the rehabilitative programs and have been instrumental in their successful activation at SVSP.

These programs focus on cognitive behavioral treatment as well as pre-release education, planning and skills.

These are the first of many future graduating classes as the institution has been allocated 144 Substance Abuse, 48 Criminal Thinking, 48 Anger Management and 48 Family Relationship classes. These programs will be implemented on all the facilities at SVSP.

SVSP Facility A graduates.


SVSP minimum services facility graduates.