By Steve Stone, Assistant Chief
Office of Peace Officer Selection

The Office of Peace Officer Selection (OPOS) will be accepting applications for Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) entry level peace officer positions during the period of May 22 – 25.  The bulletin for the YCO and YCC classifications will be posted at beginning Monday, May 8.

OPOS and DJJ have tentatively decided to reopen the application period every 90 days to maintain a flow of applicants in the selection process for the YCO and YCC classifications.  In February, when applications were last received, over 700 people applied for YCO/YCC.

For the last two fiscal years DJJ has conducted two forty cadet academies to keep pace with attrition.  However, in FY 17-18 the demand for cadets is expected to increase due to the impact of Proposition 57, passed by voters in November 2016.  Minimum qualifications for YCO and Correctional Officer are exactly the same, while YCC minimum qualifications require either college, work experience, or a combination of both.  Minimum qualifications and information about the selection process are identified at the link above and at  In addition to peace officer career information, you’ll also find information about a variety of non-custody careers including Librarians, Teachers, Technical instructors, Food Services, and Health Care.

Most CO applicants who are interested in YCO or YCC can apply and have their applications merged at their current place in the selection process.  Components will not have to be repeated with the exception of minimum qualification verification for CO applicants applying for YCC.  Due to changes in the exam process, CO applicants whose candidate identification number begins with a ‘9’ (9xxxxxx) are not eligible to be merged on the list and will be required to complete the written exam and repeat all selection components.

Current COs interested in becoming an YCO/YCC must fill out the application during the upcoming filing period and pass the written exam to establish eligibility.  If successful on the written exam, current COs are placed on the ‘eligible list’ without any other selection components required.