Offenders at CTF refurbished this police car, as well as an SUV, to go back into service for a local police department.

CTF, local police partner to restore vehicles

By Lt. Roland Ramon, AA/PIO
Correctional Training Facility

In December 2016, the City of Greenfield Police Department requested the services of the Correctional Training Facility Vocational Education Department with the refurbishing of two veteran patrol vehicles to fit their new roles as unmarked units.

An official request from then-Acting Chief Gregory Allen was hand-carried to Warden Sean Hatton, who coordinated the efforts of the prison with Chief Deputy Warden Matthew Atchley and Principal of Vocational Education Timothy Chaney to assist the police with their endeavor.

The vehicles needed body work and rust repair.

Vocational Auto Body instructor Cesar Renteria and his students took to the challenge with vigor. Both vehicles needed significant attention to prepare them for a durable and lasting new paint coating.

The offenders did some body work, especially on a rust-damaged sport utility vehicle.

In the end, instructor Renteria and his students delivered to the Greenfield Police Department two vehicles that had every appearance of being fresh from the dealership.

The gratitude of the City of Greenfield, and its community, is extended to the Correctional Training Facility, Soledad State Prison, for its commitment to the vocational education of the inmate population, and to the superb quality of the work they produce.

The Greenfield Police Department, through interim Chief Anthony Sollecito, expressed gratitude to Warden Hatton, Chief Deputy Atchley, Principal Chaney and instructor Renteria for their commitment and support to their neighboring agencies.

With their assistance, law enforcement vehicles that have outlived their original function can be repurposed, continuing to serve the citizens of the city for many years.

An SUV was also refurbished by CTF offenders.