Standing, from left, are Ashley Caris, Vanessa Stewart , Liz Castillo, Lynden Price and Patricia Augmon. Kneeling, from left, are youth offenders C. McGrath, J. Reyna and B. Trudel.

Staff, youth and volunteers at the Division of Juvenile Justice, Northern California Youth Correctional Center (NCYCC) in Stockton, embraced this year’s theme of Strength, Resilience and Justice during Crime Victims Rights Week, raising money for victims groups.

The Foster Grandparent Program, which brings in senior volunteers to mentor youth within the facility, helped to raise funds for local victims’ rights groups supported by N.A. Chaderjian and O.H. Close.

Provided with advice, suggestions and logistical support from a group of youth, the Foster Grandparent Program, along with Lynden Price, Beth Bowens and Liz Castillo, were able to raise money through sweet baked goods and calzone sales. The calzones were provided by Woodbridge Pizzeria and were a big hit with the youth while the many baked good treats were donated by members of NCYCC staff and the Foster Grandparent volunteers.

“We are always looking for ways to partner with staff and engage our youth. This is just another example of the many ways that our staff, youth and volunteers can come together and make a difference in our facility and the community at large. There are many ways for people to make an impact in our society and we are fortunate enough to be able to do it in creative and fulfilling ways,” said NCYCC Foster Grandparent Program Director Christopher Mayfield.

From left are Donisha Harrison, Rachel Vielma, Judith Delane and Tiffany Hollis preparing the baked goods.