Scholarship recipients, along with EA President Marlene Sanchez and Warden Neil McDowell, are, from left, Andrew Harlow, Celine Tellez, Aurora Bell, Sanchez, Alyssa Sanchez, McDowell, Rosa Mejia, Morgan Milke, Elizabeth Rizzotto, Antonio Soria and Dylan Johnson.

By Lt. Kelli Madsen, AA/PIO
Ironwood State Prison

Ironwood State Prison (ISP) Warden Neil McDowell and Marlene Sanchez, President of ISP’s Employee Association (EA), presented Palo Verde High School seniors with $5,500 dollars in scholarship awards on May 25.

Nearly 30 students were interviewed by ISP staff and the top 10 students were selected for the scholarships.

Morgan Milke received a $1,000 scholarship and nine others each received a $500 scholarship.

Former ISP Warden Dave Long pioneered the ISP scholarship program several years ago and Warden McDowell and the EA have vowed to continue the tradition.

“These students have earned their scholarships through hard work and commitment. It’s great that the community comes together to offer students the opportunity to receive scholarship money for higher education. I am proud that Ironwood staff, through various fundraisers, continues to support our young people in the community,” said Warden McDowell.