Cassandra Vera, founder of Room for Dreams California, presents the revamped room to an inmate’s son.

By Lt. Robert Kelsey, AA/PIO
Sierra Conservation Center

An essay penned by Sierra Conservation Center inmate Walter Pogue resulted in his son’s room getting a complete makeover all thanks to Room for Dreams California and Cassandra Vera. The program was started by Vera’s sister in Texas. Pogue was the first winner in California.

“It’s about the connection of value and worth between the inmate and his family. We are here to provide a voice for the father and hopefully turn a difficult situation into a positive for their child,” she said when announcing Pogue as the winner.

Pogue’s son now has a completely new room.

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An inmate’s child is shocked by the transformation of his bedroom.


The room before the makeover.


Volunteers hang a new light fixture in the bedroom.