YCC Liza Ledesma

By Don Chaddock, Inside CDCR editor
Office of Public and Employee Communications

An evening workout at a local gym turned into a life-and-death situation for an off-duty youth correctional counselor (YCC).

Off-duty from her job at the Division of Juvenile Justice’s O.H. Close facility, YCC Liza Ledesma was taking part in a circuit course workout at the gym on June 14. That’s when she noticed a man lying on the gym floor with another person rushing to his aid to begin chest compressions.

YCC Ledesma immediately also rushed to the man’s aid and offered to take over the chest compressions and continued doing them for about 10 minutes. YCC Ledesma was offered assistance by fellow YCC Luv Dasalla who was also in the class at the time. Without regard to her own well-being, despite being exhausted and possibly overheating, YCC Ledesma believed she had a good rhythm going and did not want to risk the man’s life by losing that rhythm.

Every so often during those 10 minutes, she heard and felt the man gasp for air. This gave her hope that CPR was working and was keeping the man alive.

She continued giving chest compressions until paramedics arrived and took over the CPR. Unfortunately, despite her and the paramedics’ valiant efforts, the man did not survive.